2012 Highlights – To Do List

Hi everyone! And welcome to 2012, our last year on Earth as we know it. Bull*it! I’m sorry, I just got carried away…

Anyway, we never know what to expect. Therefore, I made a list of To dos this year. Here we go:

1. Some people tell me I should work in a circus; or, at least, that I would fit in there. Well, I can’t tell you why they say this, but I will definitely go to see some action at Saltimbanco by Cirque Du Soleil, on 8th of February.

2. I always wanted to organise a Masquerade. As I didn’t have the chance to do it yet, I thought that paticipating in one would do for now. So, Venice, hope to see you soon! If not, the Masquerade should come to me!

3. An Ocean of White… Sounds good, right? Even if I’m not such a big fan of white, it’s never too late to try it. Since I couldn’t go in Amsterdam ( or Prague…) to be a part of it, they thought it would be nice to send the show over here. Thank you! Hope to see you there. If something happens and I don’t make it, please come and find me and drag me there! Thanks again!

4. Visit Dad. Yeah, we don’t see each other very often, but this year it’s a must! Canada, here I come! For the third time…. So, dad, please take me to Niagara Falls this time and put me in a plane via New York. I REALLY have to go there! Thanks in advance!













5. You might know I was a spotswoman some time ago. Well, I thought I might give it a shot.. again. If you don’t know yet, Corpoarate Games will be the largest Multi-Sport corporate competition ever to be seen in Romania. So, wish me ( and to my colleagues participants) luck!

6. Since I was 18 I wished I had my own car. I didn’t get it so far. The time has come to bring myself together and get one! I don’t know which name it will have, nor the model or the type. All I know is that it should fit best my personality and ambitions. And, of course, it should be able to stay with me until I will be done paying the rates…. :)) Oh, God! If you know someone who wants to donate one, please contact me. Or if you’d like to give me a gift, you know what would make me happy. So thanks, I think it would be enough.

The list is not over yet. These are the first things I put in my mind for this year, besides health for my parents, my brother and my grandparents, besides happiness and joy, besides all the best for my dear ones and besides a career growth, when the time will come.

So THANK YOU 2011 for a great year! And Goodbye! Let 2012 bring us everything we didn’t get by now….



2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 9,700 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

My gift for you

(…) Sint din ce in ce mai convins ca nu e vorba de combinatii haotice, ca biologia si mistica se pupa pe undeva si sint legate printr-un sens adinc, dar ca nimic nu e prestabilit, ni se da numai ocazia si noi alegem daca sa o luam sau sa-i dam cu piciorul si ca daca alegerea presupune dificultate, daca presupune munca, inseamna ca e adevarata. Chimia se simte la inceput, dar se consolideaza in timp. Sau poate nu se simte deloc de la inceput, dar e posibil sa fie invatata sau primita ca un dar, ca o transmutare a elementelor, dar numai atita vreme cat nu-ti dispretuiesti corpul. (…)

Daca te iei dupa filme si muzica si articole de revista, ai zice ca toata lumea cauta dragostea sau ca o pretuieste mai mult decit orice, dar nu e asa, ni se pare ca sint atitea lucruri mai serioase, cind o avem, renuntam asa usor la ea pentru alte prostii, crezind ca e o resursa nelimitata, dar nu e. Cum imi spune mama cind ma cert cu C., impaca-te, ca viata e scurta si n-are rost sa alergi dupa himere. Inselaciunea e o astfel de himera, ti se inchide inima si ti se pare ca partenerul e un film pe care l-ai vazut de prea multe ori, cind de fapt un om e o descoperire continua, uiti ca traiesti foarte putin si n-ai timp destul sa-l iubesti cum trebuie. Inselaciunea e un fel de ADHD, in loc sa te concentrezi pe un om, te risipesti, e isteria aia de adolescent care sta acasa cind prietenii lui sunt la o petrecere si isi inchipuie ca lucruri nemaipomenite se intampla in alta parte in absenta lui- in cazul adulterului, e teama ca undeva acolo se fac tot felul de nebunii senzuale care tie, blocat la un singur partener, iti scapa printre degete. Teama de banalitate, de rutina, despre care acelasi Kierkegaard spunea ca e sursa tutror relelor, e un alt motor. La multi barbati, si mai nou si la femei, poligamia e o demonstratie de forta facuta pentru aplauzele prietenilor. Vinatoarea de trofee se plateste scump, esti condamnat la inconsistenta, la o viata de fantoma, nu apuci sa te bucuri mai mult de cineva, sa-l lasi sa ti se imprime in memoria afectiva, sa ajungi sa-i pretuiesti stingaciile sau acele particularitati pe care le numim defecte, sa-i descoperi calitatile mai putin vizibile, unicitatea si frumusetea sa. (…)

In cele din urma, inseli si pentru ca ti-e prea bine si ai uitat cum e sa-ti fie rau, ca atunci cind te vindeci de o boala si uiti cum te-ai chinuit si reiei obiceiurile nesanatoase. Ai dragoste si crezi ca e normal sa o ai si te plictiseste. De cite ori o sa ajung in acest punct, sper ca o sa-mi amintesc de momentele cind clantaneam de frig in plin soare, cind cautam afectiune si dadeam peste pereti reci.

Dan Sociu pentru Elle Magazine, Nov 2011

Am vrut sa va transmit asta pentru ca acum e momentul sa apreciem ce avem, mai ales pe cei din jurul nostru; pentru ca in ultima vreme am asistat la multa superficialitate, pentru ca aceasta perioada e didicata dragostei fata de cei apropiati si pentru ca acest mesaj mi-a ajuns la inima intr-un ajun singuratic….

100% Christmas

it’s the most wonderful time…

Now, with all these moments of celebration, with hopes and dreams gathered around the Christmas Tree, I wish you all be with the ones you love. Be grateful to what you have. Be proud of your family, your friends and closed ones. Say „Thank you!” for your gifts, for your love and give your best. It’s time to enjoy life and holidays, it’s time to give and to receive.

Think of all your accomplishments and wish for more. You can not ask for less than what you deserve. Be as happy as you can be and smile. Be a „Secret Santa”, be someones’ gift for Christmas, be blessed!

I wish you wonderful moments of happiness and joy! Have a Merry Christmas!



Can you keep a secret?

If I told you a secret, will you keep it for yourself?

What’s you biggest secret? What is that thought of yours that comes through your mind when no one is around? I bet you have s secret place in your mind you go to whenever times are hard. When you seem to be in another place and dream away with your eyes open, where do you go?  

Don’t you wish you’d like to have someone to share all your secrets with? They wouldn’t judge you, they wouldn’t misunderstand you, they wouldn’t treat you bad because your thoughts are not the ones you expose.

Don’t we all let the ones around us see what we want to see? Aren’t we the ones who say to other people: You don’t know me at all! and in the same time, we never show ourselves with our true „faces”?

Will we ever be able to stop hiding behind perfect matches of our emotions and let ourselves be free to trully express our feelings? I would really like to scream sometime and I would like you not to look at me like I’m nuts; just bear in mind I know you’d like to do that too.

I’d like to be able to get in your mind and read your thoughts. What do you think about that?

I know so much…

… yet I can’t remember anything 🙂

I haven’t invented that saying, but I’d like to adopt it.

I was just thinking the other days what is that exact thing that we need to feel complete. Is that a good car, a great job, is that a person who makes you feel you’re the king of the world, is that a journey you have to complete?

And so I’ve realised that I just need to have a 100% hold on me. I’ve realised that everyone around me seems to be looking for that something. Well, I’m sorry to dissapoint you so, but that something… well… that something just doesn’t exist; YOU are that special everything you are looking for, and everything you are is written within you. Don’t you see that what you are thinking happens? Don’t you wish you’d be more happier, and, during this time, you’re complaining about your miserable life? I really think I’m self-suficient. I really thing that I would really die without the ones I love around me, but most of all, I’d be lost without me, I’d be self-distructed if I’d think for only one second I’m no good. I’m good enough to make me happy, and I can even make other ones happy. And, well, I’m not getting any better than being myself.

What is that something you’re looking for? I’ve heard that life is what happens while you’re busy making plans. I know I’m never patient enough, but I just don’t live like I will have all the time in the world. I don’t live like today is my last day neither. But I live like I’m trying to take the best of it, and I’m willing to do that now. I can’t waste time, because life won’t wait for me, it’s not like the bus, if you lost it, don’t worry, there will be another one in about 5 minutes.

Don’t waste your time, go live it and enjoy it, go tell everyone how happy you are you can see, hear and laugh. Go get that sexy thing you’re thinking of and kiss each other. Go there, anywhere you want to go, and then get back. But never get back to black days, rainy nights and sleepless weeks.

I know this is not everything, but I know that everything can lie in me.

Eu chiar locuiesc aici?!

Ma intreb, si nu o data, ce se intampla cu noi…

Ori sunt eu nebuna, ori sunt extra-terestra. Ce-a fost in capul meu de m-am nascut aici? ( nu ca ar depinde de mine, dar daca as fi avut de ales, cred ca alegeam Jupiter). Incerc sa-mi stapanesc sentimentul de razvratire si sa nu mai fac pe revolutionara de cate ori am ocazia. Nu stiu daca asta-i un lucru bun, dar sigur nu-mi face bine sa ma consum, sa ma agit, sa ma stresez pentru asa-numitul sistem. Ca doar sistemul asta nu s-a nascut din neant, si toti facem parte din el; asa ca daca stam sa dam vina pe sistem, dam vina tot pe noi. Mare bullshit! ( pardon)

Cum este, dragii babei, sa te plimbi de la ghiseu la ghiseu, sa suni sa te interesezi, sa afli ce crezi tu ca trebuia sa afli, sa te plimbi iarasi, sa platesti taxe si impozite pe peste tot ( mai ales prin tot Bucurestiul)? Va spun eu, in cazul in care unii n-ati aflat pana acum: MINUNAT! E atat de minunat incat iti vine sa te arunci de la balcon mai bine. As fi preferat sa-mi tai venele in lung decat sa incerc sa-i fac pe anumiti concetateni incompetenti in orice functie ar fi fost pusi, ne-excluzand-o pe cea in care activeaza, sa inteleaga ceva sau macar sa-mi explice mie ce nu inteleg eu. N-are rost. Daca vreti sa va schimbati pasaportul, dupa cum (n-)am inteles eu, sa iti iei rabdarea cu tine, nervii de otel in portofel, si nu in ultimul rand, bani. Chit ca vrei de ala temporar, chit ca vrei de ala biometric. In orice caz, chiar daca nu te grabesti deloc si vrei pasaport temporar, te anunt ca e MUSAI sa platesti taxa de urgenta. Deci, daca n-ai inteles, e musai sa platesti taxa de urgenta chiar daca tu nu vrei decat un pasaport valabil pe un an, care, din punctul tau de vedere ( pentru ca nu te grabesti nicaieri acum) poate sa fie eliberat si intr-o luna, nu in 10 zile ( teoretic), ca cel biometric. Asa ca temporar= urgent ( in limbajul noilor legi din tara asta).

Dar nu ma mai razvratesc, ca n-am de ce si ca nu sunt singura care e in situatia asta. Oricum, cu o floare nu se face primavara… Nu judec, dar pot critica. Nu ma obliga nimeni sa raman legata aici, dar privind lucrurile in ansamblu, ineptii au loc peste tot. Si oricum, nu poti sa nu reactonezi la lucruri sau evenimente ilogice, fara sens, lipsite de rationament, sau oricum ai mai vrea sa le spui. Inclusiv faptul ca abia ma stapanesc sa nu plang cand vad femei in varsta pe la supermarketuri, intersectii, si oriunde mai apuca sa mai stea, vanzand flori, cautand hartii pentru reciclat si mai stiu eu ce altceva mai fac, numai ca sa nu ajunga sa cerseasca. Pai cum dom’le, dupa o viata grea, traita numai de ei stiu cum, ajung batranii nostri in halul asta? CUM? Nici nu ma gandesc sa intreb de ce, dar de ce dracu’ suntem atat de inumani noi intre noi? Parca ne-am fi nascut animale, parca ar scrie pe fruntile lor damnati, parca orbim momentan sau parca suferim de amnezie vesnica. Nu vreau sa cred ca am ajuns, noi, oamenii, cea-mai-cea fiinta de pe Pamant, sa murim de foame si de sete, sa fim insensibili la nevoile fratilor nostri, sa ni se falfaie de suferinta altora ca steagul de pe corabia piratilor. Dar cum sa stai cu mainile in san si sa te uiti la toate astea cum se intampla, pur si simplu? Cata materie cenusie trebuie sa-ti lipseasca si cat sange din tine trebuie sa fi fost supt de vampirii din filmele care au atata audienta, ignorand setea de apa a celor ca noi….? Cat trebuie sa mai sufere unii pentru binele celorlalti?

Cel mai trist e ca in timp ce scriu asta, undeva, in lumea asta, un om ca mine mai moare de foame, o femeie este violata, un om este omorat dintr-un motiv stupid, iar noi nici nu ne dam seama cat rau ne facem unii altora. Ne vom trezi cand vom fi la cativa metri sub pamant, probabil.

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