Ce vei face cu singura ta viata?

Dupa ce am scris titlul am stat cateva minute sa ma gandesc. Caut raspuns la intrebarea asta cam de ceva vreme, cu pauze intre diversele tipuri de intrebari care au aceeasi esenta. 

Am avut un joc la birou, acum putina vreme, care ne-a transpus pe mine si pe colegii mei inapoi in perioada copilariei. Ne-am aratat unii altora poze cu noi in variantele mini si ne-am povestit cate o patanie amuzanta din copilarie. 

Inainte de asta, am fost „intervievata” tot in cadrul unei initiative la serviciu, despre ce visam atunci cand eram copil ca voi deveni ca adult. Va spun si voua, ca nu-i secret: le-am scris ca ma imaginam astronaut, ca sa fiu mai aproape de stele; apoi m-am gandit ca mi-ar placea sa fiu detectiv, sa caut raspunsuri pentru lucrurile aparent fara raspuns; apoi mi-am spus ca daca niciunul dintre astea nu va functiona, voi putea deveni printesa.
11520121807188So, as I turned into not being a princess…. I became something totally different.

Asta nu inseamna ca mi-am pierdut dorintele pe parcurs. Ele doar s-au modificat. Acum imi doresc sa ma apuc o data de cursurile de Interior Design la care m-am inscris acum mai bine de un an si ceva, si sa fac din asta o pasiune „tangibila”. Apoi, de ce nu?! visez de ceva vreme ca as putea sa am un mic business al meu, mi-ar placea sa organizez evenimente sau sa fiu colaborator la organizarea de evenimente… Dorinte ar fi, dar, ca multi altii, m-am plafonat in living my life as everyone else does…si n-am mai gasit timp pentru restul.

Raspuns la intrebarea din titlu inca n-am. Poate doar asa niste idei, cum ca as vrea sa fie ceva de neuitat, as face-o memorabila. Dar nu stiu cum inca.
popular life quotesCe vei face cu singura ta viata? Tu ti-ai pus intrebarea asta vreodata?

2012 Highlights – To Do List

Hi everyone! And welcome to 2012, our last year on Earth as we know it. Bull*it! I’m sorry, I just got carried away…

Anyway, we never know what to expect. Therefore, I made a list of To dos this year. Here we go:

1. Some people tell me I should work in a circus; or, at least, that I would fit in there. Well, I can’t tell you why they say this, but I will definitely go to see some action at Saltimbanco by Cirque Du Soleil, on 8th of February.

2. I always wanted to organise a Masquerade. As I didn’t have the chance to do it yet, I thought that paticipating in one would do for now. So, Venice, hope to see you soon! If not, the Masquerade should come to me!

3. An Ocean of White… Sounds good, right? Even if I’m not such a big fan of white, it’s never too late to try it. Since I couldn’t go in Amsterdam ( or Prague…) to be a part of it, they thought it would be nice to send the show over here. Thank you! Hope to see you there. If something happens and I don’t make it, please come and find me and drag me there! Thanks again!

4. Visit Dad. Yeah, we don’t see each other very often, but this year it’s a must! Canada, here I come! For the third time…. So, dad, please take me to Niagara Falls this time and put me in a plane via New York. I REALLY have to go there! Thanks in advance!













5. You might know I was a spotswoman some time ago. Well, I thought I might give it a shot.. again. If you don’t know yet, Corpoarate Games will be the largest Multi-Sport corporate competition ever to be seen in Romania. So, wish me ( and to my colleagues participants) luck!

6. Since I was 18 I wished I had my own car. I didn’t get it so far. The time has come to bring myself together and get one! I don’t know which name it will have, nor the model or the type. All I know is that it should fit best my personality and ambitions. And, of course, it should be able to stay with me until I will be done paying the rates…. :)) Oh, God! If you know someone who wants to donate one, please contact me. Or if you’d like to give me a gift, you know what would make me happy. So thanks, I think it would be enough.

The list is not over yet. These are the first things I put in my mind for this year, besides health for my parents, my brother and my grandparents, besides happiness and joy, besides all the best for my dear ones and besides a career growth, when the time will come.

So THANK YOU 2011 for a great year! And Goodbye! Let 2012 bring us everything we didn’t get by now….


I know so much…

… yet I can’t remember anything 🙂

I haven’t invented that saying, but I’d like to adopt it.

I was just thinking the other days what is that exact thing that we need to feel complete. Is that a good car, a great job, is that a person who makes you feel you’re the king of the world, is that a journey you have to complete?

And so I’ve realised that I just need to have a 100% hold on me. I’ve realised that everyone around me seems to be looking for that something. Well, I’m sorry to dissapoint you so, but that something… well… that something just doesn’t exist; YOU are that special everything you are looking for, and everything you are is written within you. Don’t you see that what you are thinking happens? Don’t you wish you’d be more happier, and, during this time, you’re complaining about your miserable life? I really think I’m self-suficient. I really thing that I would really die without the ones I love around me, but most of all, I’d be lost without me, I’d be self-distructed if I’d think for only one second I’m no good. I’m good enough to make me happy, and I can even make other ones happy. And, well, I’m not getting any better than being myself.

What is that something you’re looking for? I’ve heard that life is what happens while you’re busy making plans. I know I’m never patient enough, but I just don’t live like I will have all the time in the world. I don’t live like today is my last day neither. But I live like I’m trying to take the best of it, and I’m willing to do that now. I can’t waste time, because life won’t wait for me, it’s not like the bus, if you lost it, don’t worry, there will be another one in about 5 minutes.

Don’t waste your time, go live it and enjoy it, go tell everyone how happy you are you can see, hear and laugh. Go get that sexy thing you’re thinking of and kiss each other. Go there, anywhere you want to go, and then get back. But never get back to black days, rainy nights and sleepless weeks.

I know this is not everything, but I know that everything can lie in me.

I tend to be perfect. I’m not!

Why is everybody so serios? 

I had a funny moment some days ago, while traveling to work by subway. I wasn’t really looking around ( how I usually do) when a nice girl got into the train. She was so happy that she kept smiling for some time. First, I thought she might be a bit crazy. Then, suddenly, I realised that everyone else was crazy. Why is everybody so serios, so upset, so angry? I looked around and noticed that she was the only one smiling. Not even me, I was also thinking at all the things I had to do and forgot how to enjoy myself. I wanted to ask her if she really had a reason for that big smile on her face. But then again, why would she need an exact reason to smile? Shouldn’t we all be happy because we’re healthy, or because we remembered something nice, or just because one smile can make our day? Since that day, when I realise I have a serious face, I put my smile on my face and say What the hell? Let’s have a nice day today and be great!

From time to time some people wake me up back to reality, they keep reminding me of everything life is about, they want me back on Earth. Well, people, I’m still here, I just like to dream on a better life while trying to make this one I live greater. I have my reasons. I have my style. But one will never see me back down. That’s why it would be much better if we’d all try to make ourselves better. I might have bad days, I’m also sad when it rains, but then I’ll have to remember those sunny days at the beach which I thought for a moment that won’t come back, but they did, and what great time they’ve made.

I’d like to have much more power so I can make the ones around me happier, or at least, when I can, I’m satisfied with puting a smile on their serious faces. Let’s do something more of our lifes and let’s try to do that together! Today would be a great day to remember how a smile can change it and make it better 🙂


How do you feel?

Hi! Hey there! How do you feel about yourself lately?

You know, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about you and me… I have dreams with you at night. I wish you would have been closer. I wish I have taken more advantage of you. I wish you wish the same.

Hi, dear. Have you missed me? 🙂

From some time now I realised I have a „time issue”. Time flies faster for me. I tend to believe there’s something wrong with everyone, but no… unfortunately, it’s just me who’s having a problem.

I dream a lot of having a life which you would like to tell to your grandkids, which you would like to remember and never forget. I want to do stupid things, I want to travel more than anyone and I want to live in South of Spain ( this has just came in my mind) or in Hawaii. I don’t really think it’s impossible, but it’s not also very easy to gain. Can someone just give it to me, please? 🙂

I also tend to fantasyse a lot ( you couldn’t tell, ha?) about things that seem to be almost impossible to realise. I write „seem to be” because for some people having it all is quite a normal thing. Eitherway, don’t shoot me, don’t judge me, don’t tell me I’m supernatural, because I will believe you. I will believe you, trust me.

I just felt like I would like to write a lot ( I would write a novel if I weren’t so tired). I will write in English and I will try to write more.

See ya,




Femeile au nevoie de…

… barbati… 🙂

Femeile au nevoie de foarte multe lucruri, dar si de mai multe persoane. Oameni, nu lucruri, care sa le satisfaca nevoia de a exista. Ele au nevoie sa fie. Si sa simta asta.

Femeile, spre deosebire de barbati, au nevoie de persoane care sa le ocroteasca; si cine poate sa faca asta mai bine decat semenii lor de sex opus?!

Femeile au nevoie sa cante, sa danseze, sa picteze, sa vorbeasca, ca incante… si mai ales de cineva care sa le asculte, sa le priveasca, sa fie incantat…

Dar ce se intampla cu femeia cand e dezapreciata tocmai de persoana in care avea incredere si mai ales speranta, ca poate si vrea sa-i pese. De cate ori in ultima vreme cel de langa voi v-a spus ca va apreciaza capacitatea de a va potrivi hainele si accesoriile astfel incat sa aratati atat de bine? Cand v-a spus cel de langa voi ca ii place cum aratati, ca ii place cum mergeti sau cum dansati? Eu ma intreb, ma gandesc des la asta, ma uit la fetele tarate pe strada si prin magazine de barbati hidosi, sau de barbati frumosi, atragatori, in ochii carora nu se citeste altceva decat admiratia fata de sine si atat. Ce-i face pe ei atat de siguri de propriile persoane si ce le face pe femei sa suporte asta? Inteleg iubirea ca fiind si o forma de dependenta, dar atunci cand nu esti apreciat deloc, de ce mama supararii mai ramai unde esti? Pasarica muta-ti cuibul!

Femeile chiar ar putea sa dea totul, dar ele au nevoie de cineva care sa le permita sa ofere totul; au nevoie de aprecierea celorlalti si atunci cand o dau in bara cu ceva, pentru ca astfel au puterea sa se ridice si sa mearga mai departe. De asta au femeile atat de multi prieteni. De asta au nevoie de feminitate si de independenta, si admir intr-adevar persoanele cu tarie de caracter, care atunci cand spun „nu” asa ramane. Nu multe persoane pot face asta. Eu recunosc, nu mereu am fost atat de tare.

Cand femeile au nevoie de colegi de camera, se muta in camine sau in chirie, impreuna cu parte din prietenii pe care-i detin; cand femeile au nevoie de barbati,  asta vor sa vada langa ele. Nu catei care le urmeaza orbeste, nu magari care sa le jigneasca, nu porci care sa le insele increderea, nu boi, nu tauri, si nici orice alt animal ar mai putea considera barbatul ca ar trebui sa fie. Barbatii au o capacitate impresionanta de a -si schimba rationamentul, directia si… sosetele. Ei bine, femeile nu vor sa se compare cu nimic altceva din viata barbatilor; nu cu surorile lor, nu cu mamele lor, nu cu prietenele, nici foste, nici viitoare, si cu atat mai mult cu cat femeile iubesc barbatii neconditionat ( si nu sunt mamele lor).

Femeile mai au nevoie de pantofi, genti, haine, branduri, parfumuri, cosmetice, saloane de infrumusetare… dar niciunul dintre toate astea nu mai valoreaza absolut nimic atunci cand persoana de langa tine, prima care ar fi trebuit sa aprecieze rabdarea si talentul, nu observa nimic.

Totul este, pana la urma,o notiune de alegere. Despre nevoile barbatilor as scrie, dar i-as lasa pe ei sa-si dea seama de ce au nevoie intr-adevar, si nu numai dupa ce au stricat ce-au construit cu greu, ci mai devreme. 🙂

Femeile au nevoie de cineva care sa le faca sa gandeasca asta….

Shopping is Art

O experienta recenta m-a determinat sa fac asta! :))

Simplu, ieri, imi iau iubitul de mana si hai la cumparaturi ( ca mi-a intrat salariul si trebuie cheltuit). Zis si facut. Ideea era sa mergem direct la Mall. Dar eu, o cunoscatoare a altor locuri cu haine originale ( nu editii limitate, dar nici uniforme), propun o deviere de la traseu, sub pretextul ca vreau sa intru doar in doua magazine ( cu tinta directa). Evident ca aflata la fata locului ( mai ceva ca un reporter care trebuie sa se documenteze pentru material), trebuia sa verific ” ïnformatiile” din cel putin trei „surse”. Asa ca intru in inca alte doua magazine, in care nu pierd, ci „castig”, aproximativ o jumatate de ora. Nu ma aleg cu mare lucru, dar ma aleg cu niste nervi facuti „ferfenita” ( nu ai mei, ci ai lui).

Asa ca, pentru urmatorul magazin ( cel in care voiam de fapt, de la bun inceput sa intru) nu mi-au mai ramas nici mie prea multe resurse de rabdare ( are si ea limitele ei, nu?!) Doar cand ii vedeam fata de om care vrea sa fie la mall, la o cafea, si nu dupa fundu’ meu nehotarat, ma determinam sa termin cat mai repede cautarile.

De aici si discutia, dezbaterea. Cand barbatii se duc la cumparaturi, stiu exact ce-si cauta, si acel lucru devine singurul pe care radarul lor il detecteaza. Si atunci, de ce naiba sa ne plimbam atat printr-un magazin sa ne uitam dupa alte lucruri de care nu avem nevoie, cand putem sa ne ducem direct la tinta, probam, ne place, cumparam?! Pai simplu, ar veni femeile sa combata: nu poti sa te duci la cumparaturi si sa spui ca ai nevoie de botine si sa intri numai in magazinele cu incaltari. Nu poti, genetic vorbind. Noi suntem create sa acordam atentie si altor detalii vestimentare care se intampla sa intervina pe parcurs ( cu cat mai mult simt al esteticii, cu atat mai multa atentie). Latura noastra emotial- sensibila, aia responsabila nu doar cu emotiile si sentimentele, dar si cu lucrurile „umane” ( nu cu cele strict tehnice) ne impiedica sa fim asa practice precum barbatii. Si daca vrem, oricat ne-am stradui ( dar nu ne prea straduim, ca ne place asa), nu reusim sa facem concurenta abilitatii barbatilor de a se strecura printre multitudinea de rafturi de pe care striga imbracamintea de toate felurile.

Asadar, in incapacitatea mea de a-mi stapani „emotiile”, am reusit cumva- cumva sa inchei prima runda si sa trec la a doua ( ca doar plecaseram catre Mall, nu?) pe care, aproape evident, am abandonat-o pe la jumatate, la o cafea in oras.

Ca sa nu va suparati prea tare pe noi, scumpii nostri consorti, sa stiti ca nu va chinuim cu rea-vointa. Ne place cu voi la cumparaturi, ca sunteti obiectivi si fermi, de asta va luam. Ne place si cu fetele, evident, dar vrem cateodata si parerile voastre. Asa ca, atunci cand consimtiti sa veniti cu noi, sper ca stiti ca trebuie sa va asumati intreaga raspundere pentru actiunile ce vor urma. Nu vrem sa va enervam, vrem doar sa apreciati cat de mult conteaza pentru noi sinceritatea si muschii vostri ( caci totusi, e mai simplu sa te strecori printre umerase atunci cand altcineva te ajuta cu bagajele). Si mai vrem sa va rasplatim pentru curajul de a face asta pentru noi asa cum stim noi mai bine si mai frumos. 😉

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