Principle no 1. Learn from the past and then get the heck out of there.

I don’t regret my past.

I stopped writing for a while (a long while, I can say). Don’t know why… I just felt like I could start the day with something written down. I’d like to start again. I wish for a new beginning.

I remember I promissed to write more in English. I remember what I wrote in the past. I see now how things changed and I am so happy about it. I want to write more about the people in my life, about the „as is” versus „to be”, perhaps I will write more about my job, or where I see myself in the coming years. I would also like not to leave creativity behind, I’d like to include you in my posts and to learn more about you, the ones who are reading this.

I need suggestions, I need inspiration and I miss everything about me. Just wanted to remind myself how I used to be and what I have turned into along the way.

Things change, and so are we.


It’s crazy how everything that it’s meant to be always finds its way… 


Second chance

We all have a second chance. It’s called tomorrow…

How come that when you stop writing, people that once used to search your name on Google, stop doing it?

I’ve noticed a change in their behaviour, or so I think. I don’t know if there’s only one person, or if there are more than one. I just figured… when do you realise you stop being yourself and pretend?

How often do you fake your reality or, better said, how often do you trick you mind in believing something that you just think you want?

I wonder, with all this technology and fast-forwarding lifes we live, don’t we deserve a coffee break, so we can just sit back and relax, while thinking of nothing? Unfortunately, we’re trapped in this thing called society, where we can no longer be just ourselves and we need to adapt to the surroundings. We can just have a smoke and dream with the eyes wide open, when suddenly, one of the three phones in that purse rings. And, hump up, I’m awake again. Doesn’t this happen in real life too? When we seem to have gained it (almost) all, don’t (almost) always some thing happens? A thing that we might not expected, wanted, wished for, dreamt at, or whatever? We should just stop letting other stuff control our dreams, our expectations, ourselves…

We apparently have everything in control. Except our hearts. Therefore, one should always listen to its heart… but take its brain with it! I’m an optimistic, but I know that dreaming has not helped anyone so far without any action… Here’s a piece of advice we should all practice… starting tomorrow 🙂


2012 Highlights – To Do List

Hi everyone! And welcome to 2012, our last year on Earth as we know it. Bull*it! I’m sorry, I just got carried away…

Anyway, we never know what to expect. Therefore, I made a list of To dos this year. Here we go:

1. Some people tell me I should work in a circus; or, at least, that I would fit in there. Well, I can’t tell you why they say this, but I will definitely go to see some action at Saltimbanco by Cirque Du Soleil, on 8th of February.

2. I always wanted to organise a Masquerade. As I didn’t have the chance to do it yet, I thought that paticipating in one would do for now. So, Venice, hope to see you soon! If not, the Masquerade should come to me!

3. An Ocean of White… Sounds good, right? Even if I’m not such a big fan of white, it’s never too late to try it. Since I couldn’t go in Amsterdam ( or Prague…) to be a part of it, they thought it would be nice to send the show over here. Thank you! Hope to see you there. If something happens and I don’t make it, please come and find me and drag me there! Thanks again!

4. Visit Dad. Yeah, we don’t see each other very often, but this year it’s a must! Canada, here I come! For the third time…. So, dad, please take me to Niagara Falls this time and put me in a plane via New York. I REALLY have to go there! Thanks in advance!













5. You might know I was a spotswoman some time ago. Well, I thought I might give it a shot.. again. If you don’t know yet, Corpoarate Games will be the largest Multi-Sport corporate competition ever to be seen in Romania. So, wish me ( and to my colleagues participants) luck!

6. Since I was 18 I wished I had my own car. I didn’t get it so far. The time has come to bring myself together and get one! I don’t know which name it will have, nor the model or the type. All I know is that it should fit best my personality and ambitions. And, of course, it should be able to stay with me until I will be done paying the rates…. :)) Oh, God! If you know someone who wants to donate one, please contact me. Or if you’d like to give me a gift, you know what would make me happy. So thanks, I think it would be enough.

The list is not over yet. These are the first things I put in my mind for this year, besides health for my parents, my brother and my grandparents, besides happiness and joy, besides all the best for my dear ones and besides a career growth, when the time will come.

So THANK YOU 2011 for a great year! And Goodbye! Let 2012 bring us everything we didn’t get by now….


I Feel Like This

I know so much…

… yet I can’t remember anything 🙂

I haven’t invented that saying, but I’d like to adopt it.

I was just thinking the other days what is that exact thing that we need to feel complete. Is that a good car, a great job, is that a person who makes you feel you’re the king of the world, is that a journey you have to complete?

And so I’ve realised that I just need to have a 100% hold on me. I’ve realised that everyone around me seems to be looking for that something. Well, I’m sorry to dissapoint you so, but that something… well… that something just doesn’t exist; YOU are that special everything you are looking for, and everything you are is written within you. Don’t you see that what you are thinking happens? Don’t you wish you’d be more happier, and, during this time, you’re complaining about your miserable life? I really think I’m self-suficient. I really thing that I would really die without the ones I love around me, but most of all, I’d be lost without me, I’d be self-distructed if I’d think for only one second I’m no good. I’m good enough to make me happy, and I can even make other ones happy. And, well, I’m not getting any better than being myself.

What is that something you’re looking for? I’ve heard that life is what happens while you’re busy making plans. I know I’m never patient enough, but I just don’t live like I will have all the time in the world. I don’t live like today is my last day neither. But I live like I’m trying to take the best of it, and I’m willing to do that now. I can’t waste time, because life won’t wait for me, it’s not like the bus, if you lost it, don’t worry, there will be another one in about 5 minutes.

Don’t waste your time, go live it and enjoy it, go tell everyone how happy you are you can see, hear and laugh. Go get that sexy thing you’re thinking of and kiss each other. Go there, anywhere you want to go, and then get back. But never get back to black days, rainy nights and sleepless weeks.

I know this is not everything, but I know that everything can lie in me.

I tend to be perfect. I’m not!

Why is everybody so serios? 

I had a funny moment some days ago, while traveling to work by subway. I wasn’t really looking around ( how I usually do) when a nice girl got into the train. She was so happy that she kept smiling for some time. First, I thought she might be a bit crazy. Then, suddenly, I realised that everyone else was crazy. Why is everybody so serios, so upset, so angry? I looked around and noticed that she was the only one smiling. Not even me, I was also thinking at all the things I had to do and forgot how to enjoy myself. I wanted to ask her if she really had a reason for that big smile on her face. But then again, why would she need an exact reason to smile? Shouldn’t we all be happy because we’re healthy, or because we remembered something nice, or just because one smile can make our day? Since that day, when I realise I have a serious face, I put my smile on my face and say What the hell? Let’s have a nice day today and be great!

From time to time some people wake me up back to reality, they keep reminding me of everything life is about, they want me back on Earth. Well, people, I’m still here, I just like to dream on a better life while trying to make this one I live greater. I have my reasons. I have my style. But one will never see me back down. That’s why it would be much better if we’d all try to make ourselves better. I might have bad days, I’m also sad when it rains, but then I’ll have to remember those sunny days at the beach which I thought for a moment that won’t come back, but they did, and what great time they’ve made.

I’d like to have much more power so I can make the ones around me happier, or at least, when I can, I’m satisfied with puting a smile on their serious faces. Let’s do something more of our lifes and let’s try to do that together! Today would be a great day to remember how a smile can change it and make it better 🙂


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