Principle no 1. Learn from the past and then get the heck out of there.

I don’t regret my past.

I stopped writing for a while (a long while, I can say). Don’t know why… I just felt like I could start the day with something written down. I’d like to start again. I wish for a new beginning.

I remember I promissed to write more in English. I remember what I wrote in the past. I see now how things changed and I am so happy about it. I want to write more about the people in my life, about the „as is” versus „to be”, perhaps I will write more about my job, or where I see myself in the coming years. I would also like not to leave creativity behind, I’d like to include you in my posts and to learn more about you, the ones who are reading this.

I need suggestions, I need inspiration and I miss everything about me. Just wanted to remind myself how I used to be and what I have turned into along the way.

Things change, and so are we.


It’s crazy how everything that it’s meant to be always finds its way… 


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  1. match de l ol
    nov. 19, 2013 @ 19:04:17

    I will bookmark your blog and examine once again listed here frequently. I am really sure I will discover tons of new things appropriate below! Great luck for the next!

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