Second chance

We all have a second chance. It’s called tomorrow…

How come that when you stop writing, people that once used to search your name on Google, stop doing it?

I’ve noticed a change in their behaviour, or so I think. I don’t know if there’s only one person, or if there are more than one. I just figured… when do you realise you stop being yourself and pretend?

How often do you fake your reality or, better said, how often do you trick you mind in believing something that you just think you want?

I wonder, with all this technology and fast-forwarding lifes we live, don’t we deserve a coffee break, so we can just sit back and relax, while thinking of nothing? Unfortunately, we’re trapped in this thing called society, where we can no longer be just ourselves and we need to adapt to the surroundings. We can just have a smoke and dream with the eyes wide open, when suddenly, one of the three phones in that purse rings. And, hump up, I’m awake again. Doesn’t this happen in real life too? When we seem to have gained it (almost) all, don’t (almost) always some thing happens? A thing that we might not expected, wanted, wished for, dreamt at, or whatever? We should just stop letting other stuff control our dreams, our expectations, ourselves…

We apparently have everything in control. Except our hearts. Therefore, one should always listen to its heart… but take its brain with it! I’m an optimistic, but I know that dreaming has not helped anyone so far without any action… Here’s a piece of advice we should all practice… starting tomorrow 🙂