2012 Highlights – To Do List

Hi everyone! And welcome to 2012, our last year on Earth as we know it. Bull*it! I’m sorry, I just got carried away…

Anyway, we never know what to expect. Therefore, I made a list of To dos this year. Here we go:

1. Some people tell me I should work in a circus; or, at least, that I would fit in there. Well, I can’t tell you why they say this, but I will definitely go to see some action at Saltimbanco by Cirque Du Soleil, on 8th of February.

2. I always wanted to organise a Masquerade. As I didn’t have the chance to do it yet, I thought that paticipating in one would do for now. So, Venice, hope to see you soon! If not, the Masquerade should come to me!

3. An Ocean of White… Sounds good, right? Even if I’m not such a big fan of white, it’s never too late to try it. Since I couldn’t go in Amsterdam ( or Prague…) to be a part of it, they thought it would be nice to send the show over here. Thank you! Hope to see you there. If something happens and I don’t make it, please come and find me and drag me there! Thanks again!

4. Visit Dad. Yeah, we don’t see each other very often, but this year it’s a must! Canada, here I come! For the third time…. So, dad, please take me to Niagara Falls this time and put me in a plane via New York. I REALLY have to go there! Thanks in advance!













5. You might know I was a spotswoman some time ago. Well, I thought I might give it a shot.. again. If you don’t know yet, Corpoarate Games will be the largest Multi-Sport corporate competition ever to be seen in Romania. So, wish me ( and to my colleagues participants) luck!

6. Since I was 18 I wished I had my own car. I didn’t get it so far. The time has come to bring myself together and get one! I don’t know which name it will have, nor the model or the type. All I know is that it should fit best my personality and ambitions. And, of course, it should be able to stay with me until I will be done paying the rates…. :)) Oh, God! If you know someone who wants to donate one, please contact me. Or if you’d like to give me a gift, you know what would make me happy. So thanks, I think it would be enough.

The list is not over yet. These are the first things I put in my mind for this year, besides health for my parents, my brother and my grandparents, besides happiness and joy, besides all the best for my dear ones and besides a career growth, when the time will come.

So THANK YOU 2011 for a great year! And Goodbye! Let 2012 bring us everything we didn’t get by now….


2 comentarii (+add yours?)

  1. haine tari
    nov. 17, 2012 @ 01:04:40

    Your list is great. Thanks Alexandra.

  2. Evorent
    ian. 19, 2013 @ 22:19:42

    Nu e rau, nu e rau de loc domnisoara. 🙂

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