Can you keep a secret?

If I told you a secret, will you keep it for yourself?

What’s you biggest secret? What is that thought of yours that comes through your mind when no one is around? I bet you have s secret place in your mind you go to whenever times are hard. When you seem to be in another place and dream away with your eyes open, where do you go?  

Don’t you wish you’d like to have someone to share all your secrets with? They wouldn’t judge you, they wouldn’t misunderstand you, they wouldn’t treat you bad because your thoughts are not the ones you expose.

Don’t we all let the ones around us see what we want to see? Aren’t we the ones who say to other people: You don’t know me at all! and in the same time, we never show ourselves with our true „faces”?

Will we ever be able to stop hiding behind perfect matches of our emotions and let ourselves be free to trully express our feelings? I would really like to scream sometime and I would like you not to look at me like I’m nuts; just bear in mind I know you’d like to do that too.

I’d like to be able to get in your mind and read your thoughts. What do you think about that?