I tend to be perfect. I’m not!

Why is everybody so serios? 

I had a funny moment some days ago, while traveling to work by subway. I wasn’t really looking around ( how I usually do) when a nice girl got into the train. She was so happy that she kept smiling for some time. First, I thought she might be a bit crazy. Then, suddenly, I realised that everyone else was crazy. Why is everybody so serios, so upset, so angry? I looked around and noticed that she was the only one smiling. Not even me, I was also thinking at all the things I had to do and forgot how to enjoy myself. I wanted to ask her if she really had a reason for that big smile on her face. But then again, why would she need an exact reason to smile? Shouldn’t we all be happy because we’re healthy, or because we remembered something nice, or just because one smile can make our day? Since that day, when I realise I have a serious face, I put my smile on my face and say What the hell? Let’s have a nice day today and be great!

From time to time some people wake me up back to reality, they keep reminding me of everything life is about, they want me back on Earth. Well, people, I’m still here, I just like to dream on a better life while trying to make this one I live greater. I have my reasons. I have my style. But one will never see me back down. That’s why it would be much better if we’d all try to make ourselves better. I might have bad days, I’m also sad when it rains, but then I’ll have to remember those sunny days at the beach which I thought for a moment that won’t come back, but they did, and what great time they’ve made.

I’d like to have much more power so I can make the ones around me happier, or at least, when I can, I’m satisfied with puting a smile on their serious faces. Let’s do something more of our lifes and let’s try to do that together! Today would be a great day to remember how a smile can change it and make it better 🙂



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  1. Alex Vega
    iul. 24, 2011 @ 22:51:58

    You say you were traveling to work, now if you’re not working in the nightshift (presume you’re not) that’s mean it was in the morning. In the morning everybody looks serious and that’s because they are still sleeping :))))

    From time to time I like to have a good laugh over people faces in the morning, because you can see that they are not really connected to reality. Some of the actions we do in the first two hours, after we wakeup, are intuitive because many of our cerebral function are still sleeping. That is the reason why sometimes when you come to work in the morning you can’t seem to remember if you close the door, shut down the TV or turn off the lights. These actions are reflexive and we are not truly aware when we do it.

    Now going back to your idea, if think you miss the point, but you came closer so I still like the way you present it. From my point of view the people are not serious, crazy, upset or angry they are burdened. It’s a Romanian feature you can easily remark among our fellow compatriots and by which you can easily recognize a Romanian outside. For instance when I was in Switzerland I could easily distinguish our fellow Romanians by the burdened long face they had, unsure of themselves, looking down and lost in space. Outside people are more relaxed and enjoying life, as you said: smiling, being happier and not feeling the burden of life as we tend to feel it.

    I’ve realized that we tend to feel life as a burden, rather than as a gift, son now whenever I’m having problems or I’m feeling stressed I always smile, after all everything is a life experience and if you treat it right it will reward you.

    I like when people smile, they spread so much good energy around, so don’t feel like you need to have a reason, just smile 🙂

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