The Tiara

Definition needed !? A tiara (from Persian تاره tara adopted in Latin as ‘tiara’) is a form of crown. There are two possible types of crown that this word can refer to.  waterlily_tiara

Traditionally, the word „tiara” refers to a high crown, often with the shape of a cylinder narrowed at its top, made of fabric or leather, and richly ornamented. It was used by the kings and emperors of some ancient peoples in Mesopotamia. In the Roman Catholic Church, the Papal Tiara is a high cap surrounded by three crowns and bearing a globe surmounted by a cross worn by the Pope during certain ceremonies, being the symbol of his authority.


tiara I actually don’t know what authority gives me my tiara while wearing it on special ocasions, but I’ve decided that I should be wearing it every day of my life from now on. That’s because I now realise that my tiara is like my protection aegis, is like giving me the look of a real princess. Don’t little girls always dream to be one when they’d grow up? So why not actually be one when you can or when you want to. I think that any of us is somebodys’ princess or prince someday, meaning that for someone, any of us mean the world at some point of this life, or, in another way of speaking, we rule ones’ world and lead their feelings with the grace of a crowned head.

I also believe that the Tiara cannot be worn by anybody; there are some attributes one has to fulfill or to assume, there are rules to be respected and there are faces which tell you „Hi, I’m still expecting my Tiara. I have done everything and accomplished all your desires. Now give me my crown!”…. I shall give your crown, my prince, when I’ll trully believe you deserve it, when you shall treat me like your princess and not when you think you deserve it. Allow me, my dear, to give you the right of conquer my life and handle it. Don’t act like you ought me; please fight for me, fight with all your monsters and fears and make me the one who runs your world.

princess-in-training Well, I don’t really think that a girl should only wear a tiara at her wedding. I know it gives you a „fairytale lookalike”, but we should wear a tiara everytime we feel like wearing one. That’s also because when wearing a tiara, you also act like a princess; you have great style, great manners, great smile and great feelings… why not being like that all the time? If we’d all be queens and kings, wouldn’t the world be greater then? I don’t really know that yet, but I’m trying to imagine a world with people who assume their statutes of royal heads and acting accordingly…

It’s all about being good people… My Tiara is on my head now, where’s yours?  prince-and-princess


2 comentarii (+add yours?)

  1. Estrella Azul
    oct. 07, 2009 @ 12:44:00

    Very nice thoughts! I think you’re right, we should wear our tiaras all the time and act accordingly otherwise we’ll miss so much of the beauty around us… 🙂

  2. just1likeme
    oct. 10, 2009 @ 19:32:59

    De ce reuseste mereu necinstea sa faca frumusetea-i semana?
    Frumuseatea si virtutea azi sunt 2 cai paralele…si totusi merg pana in panzele albe cu speranta ca exista exceptii…pt ca nu se poate sa fie asa…ar fi mult prea urat.Atunci cand gasesti pe cea sau pe cel care face exceptie de la regula,atunci ai gasit o comoara.Ai grija si nu o pierde!

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