I’m just asking you to be you

Coco Chanel said that „A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!” In my oppinion, classy is not easy to get, and fabulous… well, I think it’s not easy being fabulous. I’m not trying to disagree with Coco at this, but I’m trying to understand how hard it gets to be a girl. Why not saying „A boy should be two things: smart(er) and bright(er)”? No offence… IMG_7384

As Carrie Bradshaw would say, girls at 20s are only moving in the big cities of the world to find those two „L”s: Labels and Love. And as „the 20s” become „the 40s”, this search is not stopping… and it won’t stop; because, as happiness, labels and love will never come to an end; and as you’ll find any of these, you’ll keep searching for the next ones: the next great designer of the world, or the next fabulous label, the next great love or the next one who makes you happy.

And it always comes to one question: is it worth it? Is it worth to keep searching for that one thing that you’ve already found in someone or something? I mean, if your search had allready come to an end and you found that label, or that love, or that fabulous thing that you were looking for, is it worth to move on that perfect thing you’ve already found and keep looking forward in searching for a greater one? I don’t expect anyone to settle down for the easiest one to get, but I believe that once you find that true thing that makes you happy, you should definitely stick with it. Why risking to lose it only for a greater expectation? If we could find a way to keep the things we have and still looking for something bigger than „big”, I think it would be too easy: then, we’ll all be classy and fabulous…

IMG_7488 So, as I keep searching for my greatest characteristics, I realise what being a girl means; and I will not be satisfied untill I realise what being a boy means, although I’ll probably never know. I only know how I would think and what I’d do if I were a boy. But who am I to judge them? What entity gives me the right to think or act instead of another one? Who gives me the strenght to fight mens’ fears and judgements, their inside battles or beliefs? So, as I’m asking myself these questions, I’m asking you to understand them. I’m not asking you to accept them as facts, but I hope that some of them make you stop for a second and think; it’s not about analizing, it’s about selfjudgement, it’s about realising your feelings and be satisfied with them; it’s about stopping and living, it’s about stop thinking for others and start believing in life. It’s about taking chances, letting the good feelings drown you, and stop being affraid of those great things that happens to one every day of our lives; it’s all about accepting who you are, what you mean, and what your purposes are…

IMG_7653 And I really think that if we would just stop a second and breathe, we could stop the Earth spinning and we’ll save some time for ourselves. I’m not affraid of me; and so, I’ll never be affraid of anyone else, because I realized that I’m the most dangerous thing for myself; me, with all my fears and thoughts. But I come as I am: I’m „full optioned” and I’m for real. That’s what we should all see in ourselves. I’m not teaching life because I’m only living my 20s, but I’m one of those girls who believe that the search for those two „L”s never stops in the big cities and it won’t stop neighter in my 40s; and that’s because I’ll find a reason to be happy with what I have every day, because I’ll discover the true feelings inside me again and again and again without changing them… IMG_3555

It’s calm under the waves…


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