Before the Law (dupa Kafka)

De aici incepe totul…


Before the Law stands a doorkeeper. To this doorkeeper comes a man. This man could be anyone; he could be me or you or anybody else. But who or what is the “law” and who is the “doorkeeper”?

    The “law” could be the society in which the man lives or it could be the justice itself. It seems to me that the “law” is a sort of unwritten and untold code that people live by. The „law” is the basis for how society works, and without knowing this law and acting in accordance with it, we cannot be a part of society. The man wants to enter this door between he and the „law”, but the doorkeper stands in front of him. The doorkeeper could be the mans’ fears or ideas and values of life; the doorkeeper could be life itself. The door, then, I think, is the country mans’ life, which is why „no one else could have been admitted”. To enter into and be accepted by this society, you have to live a life suitable to them, and only you can alter your own life. The man has to learn how to live his life in order to be accepted in the society, even if the society is „open” to anyone who wants to join it. The man would do just about anything to pass throught the obstacles in his life, the doorkeeper takes everything that man gives, but without allowing him to pass throught the door. Society, nowadays, is made by different cultures, ideas of life, histories and idioms, and for the man to try to identify everything on his own is impossible. Before the man will be allowed in the „law”, he must prove that he is worthy of this; untill that he is held „before the law”. The man lives his life in order to be a part of the society, in order to understand its rules and to follow them. When the man reaches his end, he realised that noone else but him fought to pass throught these doors to the „law”; he realised that these are his decisions and noone else but him could ever made them.

    In another way of speeking, the man should be brave enough to cross over the „bridge” between his fears and the society. On his way to the „law”, he will find many obstacles, like the doorkeepers. The man should not be stopped on his way to the „law”, to the „normal life”, an absolute value he thinks the „law” is. I believe that the „doorkeepers” or the doors here are: the first part of the bridge, the middle and the end. Always the first step is the hard one, but once you pass it throught, more than a half of the way is already done. Once the man reaches the middle, he can continue moving on, but when he reaches the end of the bridge, everything turns somehow against him and he faces a cruel reality: that he has to fight harder for every move he wants to make…


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